Monday, 24 November 2008

This Blog is About Nothing and Everything


If your here, your probably just looking through random blogs, or this blog has become big and you have decided to have a look at post No.1.

This blog is not about anything in particular, its about everything i might like to say, find interesting, think other people find interesting or just want to talk about.

I am 17 atm, i live in the UK, i love technology, computer games, politics, all creative mediums, making things, learning things, comedy, debating and most of all having fun.

I have one outlook on life; Have Fun, for Life is Short, there is no pointspening your own Life Slaving for a wage if at the end there is Death, if you Enjoy something then go Enjoy it.

Heres some sites you might like if you are me: (High quality streaming DivX TV, Films, Documentarys etc) (free music win) (amazing gaming community, check it out)
photoshop disasters (PS3 News) (Great comedy site)

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